Jasmine Nicole. Cleveland-born creative.

Design. I create. I plan events. I curate spaces, exhibitions, websites, flyers, posters, print and digital campaigns.

Art. I started painting four years ago, call it creative release. Life happened and it gifted me with this infinitely inspiring space. It forces me to look at things, find beauty, be intentional. The type of life I intend to carry out requires this type of space. 

Creating: We (should) move in a way that feeds our spirits and energizes us. I want to bring that energy wrapped up in optimism to every project. Certain things, and people, resonate with me and it is always my intention to add value. It's always an experience to create and explore and challenge and move with people who reflect those attributes you're looking to sharpen. Book your flight today, transform your hobby, create peace of mind, check off your list of goals -- don't wait. Say yes. There is no value in shrinking, in waiting. You cannot serve the world in a shell or timid space. These are mantras it took me time to engrain. Stop comparing and shine. 

The universe will conspire with you. I hope what you find here unleashes your inner most desires and inspires you to be your hidden, most vibrant self. Someone special told me, look into the sun and ask God for exactly what you want. I believe anything we desire, we can have that. I plan to always work with people I like doing the things that I love. Let's connect.