I have been anticipating launching this website + relocating to a brand new place. I look forward to sharing more of my work through this platform and engaging my peers in creative spaces. I love hearing from friends with interests in photography and creatives who pour a little bit of themselves into their work. I am finding that I can literally find parts of me in my work and realizing that has opened more creative space for me to dwell in the freedom to be myself. It can be difficult and take time to fully embrace and discover your essence, but that journey and process is fulfilling. Exciting to say the least. 

Just some thoughts as I get ready for this new page, chapter if you will. I really hope this is a means to stay connected with so many people who have supported and watched my journey emerge and connect on a creatives high. Enjoy what you're doing and, if possible, share it. I love that Tupac felt he would spark the mind that could change the world and that is a task we can all embrace and accept as a challenge and opportunity.