Show your work

Show your work. Do it, proudly, honestly + consistently. I have to yell at myself about this (often lol).

Disclaimer: this is not a highlight reel where I proclaim to have all the answers (because I don't) I do have a cheat code: the intention to live, learn, and grow through and with the help of the process. My art, projects, events, love, friendships and my team. I work hard and I honestly (sometimes) forget that the journey is just as important. The process has just as much meaning. Showing your work can reveal gems you never even recognized because sometimes we get too focused on outcomes. From experience, when you detach from the outcome and enjoy the moment, it's all that much sweeter. 

So be honest with yourself, look at your process, learn it, adjust it, celebrate it and don't hide behind perfect projections. If you're serious about where you want to be, respect what it takes to get there.