No comparing

Comparison will steal your joy, every time.

Say it twice.

Stop comparing your shit. I mean that in the most obvious, subtle, yet loudest way I can say it. That's your good and your bad and your average. Because most likely you're comparing to someone else's highlight reel and you'll never know the ins and outs of somebody out here doing their thing.

Finding your best self has nothing to do with anyone but you. Reading books, absorbing the good energy and fading the bull -- try to do it all with blissful blinders on. 

I make lists that have to do with solely my ambitions, not some list on the internet of what you need to be doing in your twenties. (Although a lot of lists say we won't have it all figured out, I concur) 

Focus on you, study yourself, learn your energies and be gentle about it! The process is a gift. There is no way I'd be confident enough to talk to you guys and share this journey if I compared the whole damn thing -- so keep your eyes on the prize (mantra: I am the prize) It takes intention, so softly remind yourself everyday if you have to.