Creative Process

They say Rome wasn't built in a day, but somehow we create these expectations for ourselves to have it all together in about three, maybe four. It's good to visualize everything working out, but when it doesn't, we can't crash and burn. 

Respect the process. Your process.
My creative process is messy, honest, and difficult. But it's mine. I have to respect it and the fact that it got me this far. I'm working on creating habits right now that will help me get to where I really want to be. Reading books that inspire ideas and listening to podcasts and music that trigger a certain element. Sometimes I cut off the world, and if that's my creative process, it's okay. Just stay in tune with it and with your connection.

It's important to grow at your own pace and be an active part of that process. It's only going to help you see things more clearly. Fuel it with good energy and content (which is why I'll play a podcast or book as background noise, it's all about growth)

What's your process?