Your own journey

When it comes to my projects and my space, I pour myself into everything that I'm apart of. And I leave a piece of me with that, filled with gratitude for the opportunity. We move in a way that feeds our spirits and energizes us. I want to bring that energy wrapped up in optimism to every exchange. Certain things, and people, resonate with me and it is always my intention to give more than was shared with me. I felt this to be relative to this post because I truly give a lot of myself to different projects and it is yielding more than I could have asked for (which is something else I need to work on; ask and expect in abundance).

It's always an experience to create and explore and challenge and move with people who reflect those attributes you're looking to sharpen. But stop comparing.

Stop comparing.

It really is an ailment. It is our thorn. As millennials, everything is in our face, accessible and pushed on us. I get it -- but it's not something I participate in anymore (or as much). Of course, you have comparable hair goals or financial aspirations that the next person is flaunting, but remember: what you see of them is the highlight reel.
We all have our shit.
I have found that genuinely disconnecting from things that do not contribute to the flourish is step one or two. I won't stamp it as the easiest feat, especially if you have developed habits of doing otherwise, but I didn't find it hard at all. I actually found peace. That contributed to this current glow up that I've been feeling lately as well. Discovering what brings you peace and figuring out what that would look like is what you have to envision, e v e r y d a y. Ask for it.

Today, move with a certainty that the universe won't question.
Move and expect good things, good things will move toward you. The universe will conspire with you.