Say Yes

It's about the possibility of the thing.

The momentum from that alone is enough to move mountains. In my experiences, one thing has reigned true. If it is within dreaming distance it is within reach. There are so many reasons why you could avoid doing what you want to do or reasons why you should wait. But me, I am all about the right now. And it has been an amazing six months of growing that I am excited to share. All because the possibility was there--and I believe in it.

I just finished an interview (I cannot wait to share the link) and I was asked to share my mantra for my life. I paused, briefly, because I had no idea. But I thought about it and it is so simple. 

Say yes.

There are enough people in the world who want to tell you no, enough reasons as to why you shouldn't. But if it is within dreaming distance and you have the will to see it through, be a catalyst of your own growth and say yes.

Travel, explore, become in tune, try something new, master something old, believe that you can and say yes. Read, listen, try, fail, learn and keep it going!

Art is my platform to share experiences, make way for conversations and bring people together over what I find beautiful from my perspective. It is a lens and I invite you to share it and learn from it.