Moving around

So I usually use a pen to paper to get a lot out, but then there are you guys who actually read the updates and share in the journey with me. (Thank you!) 

I have been painting but it can be hard creating with the criticism or regular chaos of life to just be still. Luckily, I have found my peace and it is unlike anything else. Working toward bigger goals and dreams, motivating myself through need and staying sharp. I really do try to read and absorb knowledge, words, behaviors and habits that are going to contribute to my development, which takes intention. I have conversations with friends and others about our journeys and what we have captured thus far and it's interesting to see how we are on different laps. Even different paces! Thanks to podcasts, books from amazing authors, and talks with girlfriends, I find myself in great space and with great energy and new motivation every day.

I don't have an exact destination with this post, only to remind you that now is okay. To say yes. To try. To venture. To question. To love. To be loved. To start something brand new.

I meet people and allow the transfer of energy if it is good for the soul. I'm finding that that is the only thing I truly care about these days. I really have no problem eliminating toxicity from my surroundings, and this is something I see people really struggle with. I also feel firmly that emotional intelligence is one of the most important things you can master. With that, clearing a positive, growth fueled path will be easy. Because emotion won't get in the way of you doing what is best for you. Okay, that's enough of this smörgåsbord of a post.

See you guys May 14th!! 

Did I mention there will be food and drinks too :)