She painted a mural

What a privilege. I was ecstatic to find out he wanted me to paint this mural and it really intimidated me, until it didn't. We brainstormed ideas, around a vision and a few references, and from there, it took off. It has a lot of meaning, behind the simplicity, it speaks to a journey. 

Let me not be cliche, but I'll be honest. As stressful as it was, at the same time it was complete zen painting these walls. Although the pressure was there, it's always there. Doing commissioned work is so damn stressful! I almost want to resign from doing it ever again, but I can't stay away. I love being able to create from my perspective the vision and although it puts me on edge when I'm not sure how it will be received, it is still my art. I produced it. I am always proud and that moment, or those moments, really feed me. 

I'm actually putting the finishing touches on still, but this was such a fun project. I really hope to paint more murals. And co-paint. I have some really dope friends that paint and I know we will create some sick collabs in the very near future. 

I will share a video, probably post a few more to IG soon, but here is a taste.

Dead Logic.